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Morris Dancing

Morris is a traditional form of dancing in Britain, with written records dating back over six hundred years. There are currently several hundred active teams (or ‘sides’) in the UK and many more in other parts of the world.

This Site

This site, started in early 2018, provides an easily searchable database of all the Morris teams (including related dance styles such as sword and Molly) and which dances each team does. We do not document dance notation, as some teams have their own unique dances which they prefer not to publish, but we do link to teams' web sites where they may choose to include that information.

Get your Team's Data On Line

We invite authorised team representatives to keep their team's data up to date. If you are in a dance team that is not yet in the database, a simple way to get it included is to download this form (PDF), fill it in and return as directed on the form. You can also contact us to request permission to enter and edit your team's data online.


Colin AndrewsOriginal idea, data collection
AnahataHosting, web site design

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