Historic Teams

This section attempts to list the records, often fragmentary, of morris dancing in various locations pre-1900. Most of the teams documented no longer exist, though a few have survived in one form or another to the present day, and in other instances a revival team has been established. Dances and tunes were noted from several of these historical teams and are still performed by many present day sides. These dances and tunes can be found in the main database.

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Sources of Information

Historical morris data is from a small collection of books and manuscripts. They are listed here. The short names in the left column are used in the 'source' box in the search and add forms.
Blunt Janet Blunt mss
Butterworth George Butterworth mss
Carey Clive Carey mss
Chandler Morris Dancing in the South Midlands 1600-1900: A Chronological Gazetteer by Keith Chandler
Dommett Roy Domett mss.
Duncan Broomhead Morris Ring photographic archives
Ferris D'Arcy Ferris mss
Hamer Fred Hamer mss
Manning Percy Manning mss.
Morris Ring The Morris Ring web site has a comprehensive bibliography and list of historical sources
Neal Mary Neal mss
Needham Joseph Needham mss.
Peck Arthur Peck mss
Schofield Kenworthy Schofield mss
Sharp Cecil Sharp mss & Morris Books
Stowe Stowe mss
Williams Alfred Williams: Folk Songs Of The Upper Thames
Wortley Russell Wortley mss.